I felt I had to verbalise my annoyance. 

Only in school are you often forced to persevere through something, simply because everybody does it. Take for example, mathematics. I can understand why you might like it. Good for you if you do. But I don’t, it is one dimensional (if you’ll excuse the pun) and honestly I find it mind-numbing. Yet I have been doing maths papers for as long as I can remember. Why? ‘Because you will need it in later life’. 

No. That is a stagnant, regurgitated lie that you would be a fool to adhere to.

Before you think I am suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision- hear me out. I understand that the principles of maths are essential, addition and multiplication etcetera. But scale factors, rationalisation of surd fractions and cosine graphs? No. Just no.

That’s it really. What did you expect, me outlining my plan to take my argument to 10 downing street? Unfortunately there is nothing that any one individual can do to reverse the trend. But still it is always refreshing to write a polemic just to get some hate off of your chest. I don’t know whether to apologise for this, or say your welcome for the gift of my thoughts. Probably the former.


Cain Jones


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