I felt I had to verbalise my annoyance. 

Only in school are you often forced to persevere through something, simply because everybody does it. Take for example, mathematics. I can understand why you might like it. Good for you if you do. But I don’t, it is one dimensional (if you’ll excuse the pun) and honestly I find it mind-numbing. Yet I have been doing maths papers for as long as I can remember. Why? ‘Because you will need it in later life’. 

No. That is a stagnant, regurgitated lie that you would be a fool to adhere to.

Before you think I am suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision- hear me out. I understand that the principles of maths are essential, addition and multiplication etcetera. But scale factors, rationalisation of surd fractions and cosine graphs? No. Just no.

That’s it really. What did you expect, me outlining my plan to take my argument to 10 downing street? Unfortunately there is nothing that any one individual can do to reverse the trend. But still it is always refreshing to write a polemic just to get some hate off of your chest. I don’t know whether to apologise for this, or say your welcome for the gift of my thoughts. Probably the former.


Cain Jones


Examinations and Motivations

I am currently seven twenty-thirds of the way into my GCSE examinations, with another sixteen examinations to go, between 45 and 90 minutes long. The thought of that baffles me, worries me and does nothing to me all at the same time. Because, although the task is a daunting one that is absorbing my every waking hour of this month and the next, there is literally nothing to be done about it. I am content with the fact that the challenge I have started happens for most young people across the country, and that I am just a number. Simply another number.

In fact, it is that which motivates me. My examinations mean nothing to the government at all, as an individual my results will have no resonating impact on a large scale whatsoever. Yet, the exams I am undertaking mean literally everything to me. The only way I could possibly stress the importance of these exams to you is to state that I write this post simply to get the weight off of my chest. To acknowledge the fact that I may downplay the necessity to succeed in these standardised tests in the long run, but in reality it is imperative that I achieve my full potential in every single examination I take. Because otherwise, would I not just be another number to everyone? If I didn’t put my entirety into this month, then surely I wouldn’t care either? And if nobody cared then what would be the point.

So yes I am stressing over my exams. And no there is nothing I can do about it. But if I didn’t stress, then they would mean nothing anyway. I have chosen to channel this anxiety into work ethic, after all… This post is English Language practice.


Cain Jones