UWG Top 10: #6 – Why is Halo 3 so Good?


Screenshot by Flickr User: Charley {HH} Ghost Screenshot by Flickr User: Charley {HH} Ghost

That phrasing really isn’t appropriate. A more suiting question might be, why isn’t halo 3 so good? Halo 3 offers a stunning campaign with refreshing storytelling and a competitive yet ludicrously fun multiplayer element. That is what I  salivate over when it comes to first-person shooters, and I think I speak for a large portion of the gaming community too.

My experience with Halo 3 is an uncommon one. I played the game when it was first popular like many, but not enough to allow myself to understand why it is so loved. However last year the game became available on Xbox Live’s “Games With Gold” and was free to download. Of course I jumped at the chance to replay the classic shooter. And within a week I had finished the campaign on the hardest difficulty. I dived into the Halo universe head first…

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Weird Isn’t it?

I hadn’t really acknowledged the fact before now, but I has occurred to me recently: The hours just melt when you get into a gaming mood. Just today I went onto my Xbox One (“ooh get you” I can hear it already!) intending to mess around on a shooter for an hour, one and a half tops. 3 and a half hours later I am staring at my reflection in the television wondering where the ground is. It is rarely my aim to just slide into a gaming marathon, but it always happens. It really is annoying. 

There’s no scientific explanation, at least not here. It just truly troubles me how we have a tendency as people to ‘lose track of time’ when we fall into something we love. Albeit a meaningless activity in the long run, the fact that time can just stand still when doing something you enjoy truly baffles me.

Those are my thoughts on the subject of time disappearing on us if we let it, what are yours?

Cain Jones