The Princess


Having just started exploring Blogger, I stumbled upon a chilling fictional short story with retro gaming at its heart. These spooky tales actually have their own genre, ‘Creepypasta’. Thanks to Urban Dictionary I now know that Creepypasta is the term for any scary story that now circulates the internet terrorizing its users. Herein I will describe to you my first experience with The Princess, a brilliant example of a Creepypasta.

Referred by the gorgeous Cosplayer Meg Turney through her Twitter, I investigated the intriguing link she left within her tweet. I was curious and it was late, the best time to scare yourself.

I will refrain from giving away the details of the tale to you, it ruins the immersion that the story brings to the table. But put simply, the tale is a first person account of a women who is one of many who have encountered ‘the Princess’. An entity that makes its home within retro consoles and changes the lives of their users. I ought not to reveal anymore, go and experience the story for yourself. I promise you that if you enjoyed playing the playstation or NES consoles, this story will hit home and chill you to the bone.  – go ahead and enjoy a chilling read.

Cain Jones