Am I an alien?

It is an alien concept, for a teenager to enjoy school. The simple idea makes giant flying pigs seem as ordinary as traffic on a Friday evening. But it’s true. I look forward to going to school (almost) every day. Sure, there are those moments when you would much rather stay at home and sink into a sea of daytime television, but 99% of the time I get up on a Monday with a smile on my face. 

What’s the secret? Well unfortunately it’s not bottled optimism, It’s a little bit simpler. I look at my schedule for each day, and make sure there is at least one thing there that I can look forward to. Albeit something as routine as a preferred subject or something more rare like our annual intra-school football tournament. 
That way you’re not going to school/work just to come home again, you are both going to be productive and to do that one thing that you actually enjoy that day. Admittedly there are days that everything goes wrong regardless, but there is no remedy to that. Those days give perspective to how good the good days really are. 

So as a piece of advice for the coming days, find that one thing you look forward to everyday. And look forward to it, enjoy it while it lasts and repeat. That’s my standard method for getting through the long weeks I face during exam season. 

Thanks for your time, now go get back to doing that thing you enjoy!

Cain Jones