Age and Change- Or the Lack of It

5884 days. 16 years. 

That is how long I have been on this planet so far. But how do you quantify that amount of time? How could I possibly give you some insight into what my limited time on this planet has taught and offered me? Well being the seasoned mathematician you are, you will know there are 4 fours in 16. So this post, is an attempt at a synopsis of my life so far, in four short and (bitter) sweet periods of four years.

Act 1: A New Hope

For the first four years of my life, I knew basically nothing other than the people around me. I learned to walk, talk and most importantly how to terrorize my parents in each and every way a child can. In a way, the first four years of my life were not for me, I was just a seed starting to sprout, they were for my family. Being the first born I was the steepest of learning curves for my parents and a noise maker they couldn’t turn off. But being a baby is no one’s interesting story. So.. Let’s move on shall we?

Act 2: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Between the ages of four and eight, I began to grow an early persona. In the first year of primary school (elementary for any Americans reading) I was forced to choose a hand to write with, as before this I was unintentionally ambidextrous and wavered between left and right. Interestingly, I chose my left hand, and I now happen to be in part of an awesome minority. As a side note, go lefties. But keeping on topic act two of my life was a stream of plimsolls, show and tell, play time and assembly. Those years were character building and I set the foundations for the work in progress that is Cain Jones, and for that reason I look back on them fondly.

Act 3: The Arrival

To think that only four years ago I was on the cusp of teenage life, is mind-blowing. At the age of 11 I had achieved possibly one of my greatest successes to date in passing the ‘Kent Test’ and earning my place in a grammar school of my choosing. Then at 12 I had the revelation that comes with jumping out of the puddle that is my tiny Primary School into the swimming pool of Secondary Education. Going from the eldest to the youngest once again was both horrifying and intriguing at the same time. But it was a great new beginning which signified the start of my forming years.

Act 4: Clueless

From then up to now, I have been expanding. Although I have put on weight and grown I mean in this instance I have expanded outside of my own world. I have started to understand how problems like race, sex, war and poverty affect the world and how that in turn affects me. I am learning every day and it is astounding to think that once I did not consider anything outside the bubble of the South East of England. I am also emotionally maturing, as I learn to come to terms with my thoughts and their impacts, and acknowledging my problems in a step to solve them.

And so that has quickly brought us back to the modern day, as I sit and type this post at this very moment. A snapshot of my life as it stands now. This post has been a great method of evaluating my life so far, and I recommend doing something similair to other writers as a writing task and a process of self evaluation. Act 5? Back to the Future.

Thanks for reading,

Cain Jones