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Battlefield 4 is a broken beauty

I love battlefield 4. It is a beautiful, dynamic, community-based and generally great game. But it is so flawed! There are two demeaning features within the game which bring it down from a groundbreaking classic to just another good FPS. It’s a true shame that Battlefield’s flaws reduce its legacy and in my opinion make it worse than its predecessors in the Battlefield series, especially Bad Company 2. But what are these blemishes on the game?

Firstly, the campaign is a double-edged sword. The storytelling is so that you become attached to the silent super soldier protagonist that goes by the name ‘Recker’. Even though the other NPC’s are constantly nagging you to open doors, that can be overlooked because it gets funny after a while! The problem lies not with the story or characters or even the combat which is varied, it’s in the mechanics. Yesterday, I took a step back from the multiplayer and put 4-5 hours into the campaign on the hardest difficulty. It was painstaking work but it was extremely rewarding. But what does Battlefield do? Throws it back in my face. No manual save option, so when I leave for food and come back an hour later, it is all gone. Hours of time wasted. All I have to remember the experience are the achievements I worked for and I am not willing to start it all over again just to finish the game. Battlefield 4 developers put a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer with good reason, therefore neglecting a simple feature in the campaign. Saving. And I’m not the only one who is feeling like putting their fist through the screen.

My other major gripe, lies with the prized multiplayer content. I will admit that the gameplay is rewarding and can be attacked in various ways giving it major replay-ability. But going into a friend’s game is like running in treacle. Often I will join a friend’s game only to be trapped by the black screen and white cursor moving up and down, and would have to wait till the end of their game to actually play! The games can last so long that the wait becomes so long you just forget about it. So much for promoting friends playing together in squads!

But I am a vain and materialistic consumer. So I will continue to play the multiplayer even if I refuse to try the campaign out again. But Dice isn’t getting DLC money out of me that’s for sure. I’m now waiting for Titanfall, maybe that will be a rounded FPS that won’t raise me up just to let me down. Still, I’d like to thank you for reading and until next time have a great day!

Cain Jones