Witcher 3: Skyrim Slayer?

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Witcher 3: Skyrim Slayer?

Having played Skyrim religiously upon its 2011 release, I am one of the many people who are suspicious of the claims that the upcoming ‘Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ will be the superior RPG to grace the next-gen consoles and one of the best RPG’s of the year. However being an avid gamer I am more than willing to be proved wrong. So, what’s the buzz over Witcher 3 all about?

Firstly, it must be considered that the game has not actually arrived on consoles yet therefore claims about its quality are mostly speculative. Regardless, here are some of the opinions held by other accredited parties that are talking about Witcher 3:

PC Gamer- “The Witcher 2 offered up huge improvements over the original game, boasting a stunning new engine, larger environments and more hands-on combat – and this third game looks set to repeat the same trick.”

Game Trailers- “Expect plenty of battles, drama, and Geralt sporting a manly beard.”

The Witcher series creators CD Projekt RED promise a combination of non-linear storytelling and a vast open world, with reportedly 20% more playable area than Skyrim boasts. And this is what captures my interest above all. True to the Witcher legacy, the player always has a clear and definite effect on the world of the protagonist through their actions. When combined with the influence next generation consoles have on playable area and further character development, we could be anticipating one of the best RPG’s of the past decade. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. We haven’t seen any review material of the game yet, as it still unfinished. I will be sure to update this blog with any information regarding the development and analysis of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. But for now, I’m sat here just like you, salivating at the thought of a massive open world that the player can mold to their whim.

Thanks for reading, and check back regularly for updates on Witcher 3 as release date closes in.

Cain Jones